How we are making your wedding planning SO much easier!

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I love weddings. I also love to create beautiful stationery; wedding stationery in particular! The other thing I love is working with brides to take the stress out of the wedding planning process. After working with hundreds of brides over the past few years one thing I definitely understand is the stress that comes with planning a wedding; there are times when it’s all simply overwhelming. To help support your planning I’ve done a few things that I think will help take the stress out of this, sometimes, overwhelming time in your life!


Easy Wedding Invitation Ordering

The first step to help make your planning a bit simpler is our easy wedding invitation ordering process; all you need to do is follow the four easy steps!

Step One: Select your Design
Take some time and browse through our existing designs here on the site and choose your favourite! Once you’ve chosen your stationery, select the package and quantities and add it to the cart making sure you add the text you want during checkout. Easy! Oh, and if you want us to design something special, pop over to the ‘Custom Designs’ page for more info. Creating custom designs is our FAVOURITE and we would love to work with you!

P.S. If you’re beginning to worry about what paper is going to look best with your design or which printing process is the best option, don’t stress, that’s what I’m here for! I’m here to guide you with the hard decisions. 

Step Two: Design & Approval
Once your order is finalised and we’ve received your text, we begin the design process! Once you’re happy with the design and give your approval off it goes to print.

ficus and fig design rose gold foil geometric wedding invitation

Step Three: Printing
Printing usually takes between one and three weeks. This part is the easiest because you don’t have to do anything at all!

Step Four: Packaging & Dispatch
Your stationery has been printed, trimmed and checked. It’s now packed up and sent straight to your doorstep and we keep you in the loop with a tracking number too. Done!

There you go! Four easy steps is all it takes - and you end up with stunning stationery at the end!

Making it even easier to plan your wedding

I’m always trying to find new ways to make your wedding planning a bit easier and as a bride I’m pretty sure you know about Pinterest! If you don’t, you should - it will become your new best friend, I promise. It’s a website where you collect ideas and ‘pin’ them to boards you set up. It’s the best! And it hit me that combining your wedding and our invitations plus Pinterest could be just the thing to make your wedding planning even easier.

ficus and fig design geometric greenery gold foil wedding invitation suite

I’m always adding great tips, the latest trends, gorgeous dress inspiration and so much more to our Ficus and Fig Design Pinterest account and I know that finding the right inspiration or idea when it comes to planning a wedding can make all the difference as you create your perfect day!

Take a look at some of our boards here! 

Our Wedding Stationery

Bride Tribe Inspo

I’ve organised our boards to make it quick and easy to find all of the wedding inspo you need! Make sure you start out with our boards devoted to ‘Before the Day’, which are full of helpful images and information on choosing a ring, engagement parties, engagement invitations and save the date inspo, and have lots and lots of wedding planning and etiquette info to help make the whole process much easier!

Dress Inspo

Before the Day: Wedding Planning

The next group of boards are devoted to you, the bride! You’ll find the latest inspo for the perfect dress and shoes, bouquets, ideas for your bride tribe, and of course your hair and makeup. We haven’t forgotten your groom with a great group of boards devoted just to him and his groomsmen. We also have everything you need to plan your wedding ceremony and reception, as well as all of the current trending themes you’re loving at the moment!

Hair and Beauty

Groom and Groomsmen Style

We’ve also popped in a few boards for those important things you need to take care of once the day is over, with our ‘Newlyweds’ boards. We’re always adding the very latest pins trending with brides to help make your wedding planning a much easier exercise! Don’t forget to pop over and follow us on Pinterest and let us know if there’s a new trend you’re onto that we haven’t spotted yet! 


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