Your ultimate guide to Wedding Signage!

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So, what’s really necessary?

As we all know, each and every wedding is different. Some couples choose to include many different ceremony and reception signs on their wedding day, and some don’t. These suggestions don’t apply to everyone - do what works for your budget and your big day!

The most popular materials for wedding signage include framed posters, printed foam boards, wooden signs, and acrylic signs. Your choice in materials will depend on your budget, venue, and your overall wedding vibe. Generally, framed posters and printed foam boards are on the budget-friendly end, while acrylic signs are at a higher price point.

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1) Travel/Directional Signage

Having your wedding in a hard-to-find location? Consider putting up some directional signs by the roadside! Guests will really appreciate this touch and it will also build excitement as they’re nearing your venue.

If your venue location is large or spread out, it might also be a good idea to include some smaller signs, directing your guests to the ceremony location, the bar, restrooms… you get the idea.


2) Wedding Ceremony Signs

Welcome Sign
Possibly the most popular wedding sign, Welcome Signs are considered a must-have these days! These most often have your names, wedding date, and a ‘welcome’ message to your guests, and are often located in the venue entrance or near the ceremony location. If you want something a bit different to the standard Welcome Sign, consider including your favourite love quote or song lyric that reflects you as a couple.

Unplugged Ceremony Sign
Don’t want everyone looking at their phones during the ceremony, or standing in the aisle taking photos? Make it clear with an ‘Unplugged Ceremony’ sign asking your guests to share the special moments rather than looking at a screen! There are plenty of friendly ways to phrase this request, and most guests are more than happy to respect your wishes.

Order of Events/Program Sign
Depending on your style of ceremony you’ll probably need an order of events or, if religious, an order of service so your guests know what to expect at what time. The traditional way would be to provide individual printed programs/order of service booklets to your guests prior to seating them for the ceremony. However, a more modern approach to this would be to create a large Order of Events sign, and even a Program sign, displayed in front of the ceremony area. (Psst! This is also a huge paper-saver if you’re not printing out programs for every single guest!) Your guests will appreciate knowing exactly when different events are scheduled, so they can be sure not to miss certain things… like the start of the open bar at cocktail hour!

Reserved Seating Sign
If you need to reserve seats for immediate family, grandparents and special guests, signage to let everyone know where to sit is a great idea.


3) Wedding Reception Signs

Seating Chart
Some families are a liiiittle crazier than others, and Seating Charts really help to… say it with me…. keep the peace. At the time of setting up your seating plan, it may be an overwhelming and frustrating task to make sure each of your guests will be happy with their assigned table, but isn’t peace of mind on your wedding day a good tradeoff? We think so. Plus, having assigned seating (hopefully) eliminates the chance of any awkward situations during dinner!

Gifts/Wishing Well Sign
Let guests know where to pop their gifts or money before the reception gets underway with signage showing them where the gifts table is or the location of the wishing well.

Bar Sign
Are you serving a signature drink during cocktail hour? Do you have an open bar? It’s much better to let guests know what’s available with Bar Menu Signs, so they are prepared to pay if it’s a cash bar.

Grazing Menu Sign
Will your guests be grazing rather than sitting, especially if you’re serving appetisers during cocktail hour? If so, make sure you inform your guests with signage explaining the food style you’re serving and when it’s appropriate to eat! Whether it’s cocktail or finger food, a grazing table, or dessert table, let them know what’s on offer in a fun way with cute signage.

Guest Favour Sign
By the end of the evening you’ll be much too busy to make sure guests take the favours you’ve worked so hard on pre-wedding! Make sure you place a sign on or next to your favours to ensure each guest takes one!


We hope you now have a clearer idea of what signage you’ll need for your wedding ceremony and reception! We’ve been busily collecting some great signage ideas to inspire you and make your wedding planning easier and you can find them all at

Remember that we can design the signage you require to coordinate with your invitation theme - and we can take care of the printing too! View our current signage designs here and don’t be afraid to contact us for more info.

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