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digital printing

The most common and economical method of printing is full-colour Digital Printing. The colours are vibrant and the fine details are sharp. All of our product pricing is based on single-sided Digital Printing, which provides the most versatility and quick turnarounds. We do have the option to print double-sided if you prefer - please contact us prior to ordering and we can send you printing costs!

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white ink printing

If you’re wanting simplicity but also want a pop of colour, consider White Ink Printing. It allows you to choose a bold, colourful paper stock (or even grey, black, brown kraft, or Translucent Vellum). We have so many stock colours to choose from! White Ink Printing has quick turnarounds and is priced slightly higher than Digital Printing.

Side note: How amazing does White Ink Printing look on the texture of our Oxblood burgundy envelope?

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heat-reactive foiling

Heat-Reactive Foiling is such a great option if you have a limited budget, but still want gorgeous foiled stationery! The price is much lower than Hot Foil Stamping, but it does have a couple of limitations, such as paper thickness and paper texture. There are loads of foil colours available, including gold, rose gold, silver, copper, and so many more!

We can create any size card with this process, and can even print and foil double-sided. Please contact us for more info!


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Who doesnt love a beautiful Letterpress invitation? Feeling the impressions in the paper is such a luxurious experience, which both you and your guests will love. Because Letterpress designs are created with a metal plate, we are not able to include variable data (such as different guest names printed on each invitation). Letterpress comes with a higher price tag and longer turnaround times, but the 500 year old process is still popular for a reason.

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hot foil stamping

Created in a similar way to Letterpress, Hot Foil Stamping is a popular option for weddings of all styles. It does come with the highest price tag, but the results are stunning. We have foil available in every colour imaginable - including rose gold, silver, gold, copper, and many more. Similar to Letterpress, this printing process involves the creation of a custom metal plate. However, unlike Heat-Reactive Foiling, with Hot Foil Stamping we have the ability to foil directly onto thick, textured paper - even coloured paper stocks.

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translucent vellum

For the couple who prefers something different, Translucent Vellum is a lovely option. It is fairly versatile, with the ability to print full colour, black ink, or white ink. The vellum looks great on its own, but also looks gorgeous when layered on top of a coloured card. It typically has fast turnarounds and costs slightly more than standard Digital Printing.

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handmade cotton paper

Our Handmade Cotton Paper is one of our favourites; it allows for full colour printing but the deckled edge adds an extra level of beauty. Because this stock is handmade, no two pieces are the same. It typically has quick turnarounds and is priced higher than Digital Printing, but lower than Letterpress or Foiling. We also offer Handmade Cotton Paper in a black colour, which looks amazing when combined with our lovely White Ink Printing option.


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Large Cards
Invitations / Save the Dates: 120x180mm

Small Inserts
RSVP, Details, Wishing Well, etc: 105x148mm

The above dimensions are our standard sizes. 

We are able to print items at custom sizes, including accordion-style multi-panel invitations, but this will require a personalised quote. Feel free to contact us if you have a specific size in mind and we will be happy to help!

paper stocks

Our stock of choice is Boston Classic White, a 350gsm thick card stock with a subtle texture. This stock pretty much covers all bases - it’s very sturdy, it handles all printing processes with ease, and it has a beautiful subtle texture that works for all styles of invitations. We have paper stock in almost every colour of the rainbow, but if you’re after another stock recommendation, here are a few of our other favourites that we offer:

  • Prado Linen (315gsm white linen cotton texture)

  • Buffalo Board (283gsm thick brown Kraft card)

  • Milkshake Nero (308gsm smooth black card)

  • Handmade Cotton Paper with a deckled edge


Envelopes are NOT included in the advertised prices unless specified; they are considered an add-on. For the large cards, we offer envelopes at 130x190mm. The small cards will require C6 sized envelopes (114x162mm). Below are general price guidelines ($AUD) on our standard white invitation envelopes:

25x  $30.00
50x  $40.00
75x  $60.00
100x  $85.00
150x  $120.00

We also have a variety of coloured envelopes available, including metallic options. Prices of coloured envelopes vary depending on the colour and brand; please contact us for coloured envelope pricing!


The following add-ons can be quoted upon request:

  • Any of the specialty printing processes (above)

  • Guest names printed on the invitations

  • Printed addresses on envelopes

  • Envelope liners

  • Belly bands



We charge a flat rate $20 AUD shipping fee to all customers in Australia. We are able to ship internationally to most other countries for a flat rate of $55. Please view our Shipping page for more information.


on a tight budget?

We can also cater to the DIY brides - on a budget! 

If professional printing isn't an option for you, we can provide you with a digital file that you would print yourself. Contact us today for a price on our printable designs!

Printed Samples

A selection of our designs have printed samples available to purchase. Samples are a great way to check out the paper quality and colours before ordering your full stationery suite! The price for a sample set of an invitation, RSVP card, and two envelopes is $5.95 with free shipping.

Coordinating Day-Of Stationery

We would love to design a complete coordinating suite for you! Below are popular ‘day-of’ options that we can provide: 

  • Menus

  • Programs

  • Welcome signs

  • Seating charts

  • Place cards

  • Thank you cards

  • Coasters

...and anything else you might think of!

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